Camp: 2014

Client: TransLife Center

Campers conceived and designed several pieces for TransLife’s advocacy and direct support programs for transgender women of color. Posters were screenprinted at Spudnik and Colorphonic printed billboards that – with help from CBS – were installed in 10 locations across Chicago in just four days. Pitchfork ran several banners, created by campers, that led to an informational microsite designed to build awareness of transgender issues. Campers also produced palm-sized informational booklets on TransLife’s medical, legal and housing services that could be discretely distributed to transgender folks in search of a safe space.

Side Missions: Campers spent an afternoon at the Chicago Design Museum’s new permanent space in downtown Chicago and ran a sidewalk campaign to get more visitors in the door.

Activities & Tours: Screenprinting workshop, Leo Burnett Department of Design tour, Pitchfork HQ tour, research + discovery with Rick Valicenti, Shark Tank presentations with the pros from Knoed, Uptake, Multiple and NoPattern.